The Devil Unmasked

sitting in an air conditioned office, he thinks he has conquered all. For whatever he preaches is so false. The tall Claims he makes are so fake is what we realized. This is a dedication for the devil who has been torturing us for the past one year with his tall claims along with his army of fickle minded , dumb followers. they promised to provide a homely environment rather “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” was what the brochures claimed… Even till date the devil boasts about being the best managers in the country…. Well those words left me with no choice but to dissect the best managed organization… cockroach infected food for a start followed by non-hygienic living conditions including crowding a small room with three people, tables, cupboards and beds….. and not to forget the absence of water supply when needed the most… In the teeth clattering winters when people of our age comfortably sit in their blankets ordering their servants to switch on the geysers , we get up at 7 only to bathe with ice chilled water and write exams on an empty stomach just because “the best management” couldn’t provide us breakfast at the alloted time(which they decided for themselves only)…. Furthermore, the “best management” lacks the facility of a complaint box or an interface between the higher authorities and the students …. when we tried to remove the blindfold and push the devil back to reality from his illusionary and idealistic world we were politely asked to either shut up or leave the place….the devil even threatened to gift the place a mobile jammers which my friends would make him disobey the honorable constitution of India… And then he boasts of 25 years of “RICH TEACHING EXPERIENCE”….. So devil if u read this… its our polite way of saying JUST QUIT before we make hell break loose… Here You aren’t dealing with your FLIRTATIOUS MANAGERS but TECHNOCRATIC ENGINEERS…..!!


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