For Someone Very Special…

He taught me to walk… to read.. to speak… he wiped my tears and healed my pain… my first bicycle… my first barbie.. he helped me get up each time i fell… he trusted me over and over.. he is the one person whom i can call for help at anytime… he made sure that whatever i got in life be the best… right from toys to school to college …. he has been there endlessly yet sublimely.. My dad.. my teacher,  my friend,  … he is the only person i want to emulate… each and every time success refused to come to me and failure continued to walk with me.. he never got disappointed …  he just gave me the strength to work hard.. he gave me the confidence to stand on my feet.. he is the one person i owe everything to… he slogs in the office for hours only to provide me and my siblings with everything that we want… he gives up on his wishes so that we can have ours… he is that ONE person who made me believe that true love still exists in this otherwise vindictive, sarcastic world… he is the ONLY man who will always treat me like a princess… and i know i dont say this enough but the truth is I Love You Dad and i always will…
Someday when i am capable enough , i will fulfill each and every bit of even the tiniest wishes that never found a way out of your heart… this is a promise i shall always keep…. HAPPY FATHER’S Day..


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