there is something about facebook. it can damage a person from top to botton.. it can drill a hole the size of egypt in a person’s heart just at the click of a button.. life seemed to so better when saving mario’s girlfriend was the sole purpose in our life.. when the only way we could spy on someone was by using night vision goggles… no wonder it bridges the gap between two people who are miles apart but what about the distance between people who are minutes apart.. sometimes  its heartbreaking to realize that the one person who was there once has now moved on… its ok to know it and yet remain oblivious to this fact but to realize it breaks the heart and grinds those pieces into a fine powdery substance …. this thing can no longer perform all the cardiovascular thingies that aortic pump used to… but somehow facebook is a great place to hide to… its a great place to hide behind the screens and pretend nothing happened… ours is a generation of pseudo relationships, pseudo friendships… we dont have people who will stand right beside at 3 in the morning just to accompany to the airport… on the contrary ours is a generation of show off… people know everything about each other.. their plans, their love life, their place of study, worship.. even the place where a person is at at this particular moment.. but what we fail to get to know is the REAL person who was sitting right there in front of us all this time… just because that person is less pretentious than the rest they get left out…. and that is so unfair… this simply means we ourselves are putting an end to out society by supporting falsehood, and facebook coated lies… we ourselves are digging our own graves with our hands…  its heartbreaking to realize this… just heartbreaking…


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