We, The Women

The first steps on the face of Earth were Eves’ , Adam was (if i put it bluntly) a byproduct of one of her ribs, The least we can do is place the two equally …When the supreme power never discriminated between the two, who bestowed this absolutely nonsensical right on the not so god’s counterparts.. Each time i hear some farcical hypocrite proclaiming about the dress code and the behavior a girl, a women should follow.. i feel the need the urge to roast the person (rather literally)… the only piece of the proclamation that i fail to understand is the fact that if both the genders are equal then why are all the discussions sexist.. why does everyone bestowed with power feels the need to ridicule a person rather a women’s ‘dressing sense’ .. just to make it to the headlines.. The only question that needs to be answered is will the above mentioned ‘well-wishers’ of the society propose the same solutions lest the victim be related…. (food for thought)…. The Guwahati incident coupled with the UP khap Panchayat’s statement, has not only put a big question mark on the face of the biggest democracy of the world , but has also made it a subject of ridicule and that too during the pre-presidential election scenario.. What is more surprising is the fact that the Government (of the people) is too busy collecting its own dump that it fails to realize the fact that while all the nations are busy focusing on increasing their GDP’s , the country’s Sex ratio is far too skewed to let the government view the other problems… it is rather depressing to know that although every one is aware of the problem , anything to prevent it is seldom done leave alone taking action after any offense…

There is only one question that has remain unanswered generation after generation, WHAT IS THE ONE THING THAT MAKES MEN MORE CAPABLE THAN FEMALES… if anyone can maybe come up with an example of a thing that only men can do and women can’t , shall the argument of women being the weaker section be justified… for as far as biology goes, if women can bear the pain of childbirth, they can do almost anything… here, i can name one thing MEN can’t do… (LOL)… also, if this fuss about the provocative dressing of the fairer sex is so true then maybe the good sensed men can try and control their hormones instead of jumping on every opportunity for coitus… If all the claims are taken to be correct then Why don’t they try and be the bigger person’s here…. and if the answer goes like ‘ we are humans’ … ‘ everybody can make their share of mistakes’.. then maybe the fact that the other side is also a homo sapiens can be considered.. Also, as far as Civics taught us, It is no federal crime to be , talk, sit, dance, dress-up, stand, travel the way a person is comfortable especially in a DEMOCRACY… it’s high time the actual implication of this 9 letterword is understoood…

signing off…


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