To the day of Independence…

years of labour and it all boils down to some 20 minutes.. the MOMENT OF TRUTH.. this day unlike any other had started some one and a half week back  where in the back of my head all i could of was those moments.. reconstructing the meeting, and imagining  all the possible things that could go wrong and screw this… the fear of failure was so great that not even for one moment did i think that this could actually happen that i was not as under-confident and unassertive as i thought i would be.. when the D DAY finally came and the questions were fired, i found myself reasonably confident and not just that i felt all the fear fading away.. when asked to rate myself on confidence by another board i just had one thing to say.. confidence is one thing that has been bestowed on me today…. today , this is the moment i have left all the shackles that ever bound me.. and the nail biting moment of declaration of results saw my name in it.. that was the moment … that was the first moment i ever felt so INDEPENDENT… all these years have finally paid of… this is a felling like no others…


signing off…


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