Dewdrops On A Foggy Day

On the foggy day

I walk alone

In the foggy streets

I walk alone

Thinking about you, i shed a tear

for you were my friend dear….

Small drops of Dew

As if tears so few

rest on the leaves, the bench and the tree

In the foggy street I stand alone

As if waiting for my shadow along

The sun plays Hide and Seek

This wait only shatters me

You said and promised to come

You Said and promised to learn

You said and promised Never to lie

but this was one thing you could not abide by

Hurt as i have always been in the past

Only this time with a huge impact that will last

With a heavy heart

I say its ok , Lets move on

Only to resume my walk on the foggy streets alone……

P.S. wrote this one a long time back.. somehow the emotional state has seemed to return… somehow it is actually the same way i feel presently the way i felt when i wrote this during PSP class.. 😀 😀 …

P.P.S. i wrote this some 2 years back having been irritated by someone i didn’t expect that from.. and frankly i dont even remember the reason now.. all i remember is that i love that friend of mine.. the single greatest thing in my life till date has been that person only..


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