Lost Love

The day you entered my life was the best
As toddlers we played together
As kids we laughed together
As teens we talked to each other
Those days, those months and those years
A feeling of nostalgia still grips me
Whenever i see you walking beside me
Those innumerable moments of care turns my world topsy- turvy
I started to love you like crazy
To which you agreed too and asked me to be with you
‘good nights’ and ‘good byes’ changed to ‘ i love you’ and ‘ i miss you’
We were miles apart
Yet closest to each other’s heart
Those late night talks
Those non-senstial laughs
Those idiotic fights
But with a sweet and cute good night
I could never sense the worst that was to come
I could never believe you would hurt me
This day you were sad and gloomy
You said you didn’t want to lose me
But that wasn’t what you really meant
It was only our long companionship that made you concerned
Never did you think how i would feel
Shattered was the only word i could think of
Felt broken into pieces
The pain is still in my eyes
But now you don’t even seem to care
Things have changed
You have changed
Then why can’t i?
Why do i always have to pretend to be strong when i’m not
To fake smile when i only want to cry and cry….
Someday, somewhere when u’ll need a hand
I’ll always be there, remember this for sure
I’ll wait no matter how long it takes you to retrace your steps…
Just someday…
Waiting eagerly for that day…
And i’ll continue………


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