For the best..


Still some 9 hours left… The day that shall start is going to be a glorious one… It is one of those days which I am grateful to god that it happened… Some 2 decades ago, a tempest or vampire as I call her was thrown down from the skies with the sole motive of drinking everybody’s blood… Of torturing people and bossing them around all the time… Of giving those looks that can render u sleepless for days… With all of this a huge cute smile and above all a great heart.. This makes her distinct… This makes her so unique that it shall be impossible and not difficult to find someone even remotely as good as she is…
She is my roommate, my friend and my biggest critic… She is my support system.. I met her some 3 years back on November 6 ( and for all the above mentioned reasons) this is another special date for me… Anyways, so she entered the room where I was busy arranging everything and looked as if I was about to plant a bomb in that matchbox sized place… So this is how she welcomes her new roommates… But that one night with those ed sheets I discovered that we were much more similar than either of us knew.. We even shared the same playlist.. Over the years she has given me so much to remember… Had it not been for her maggi cooking skills then we all would have had not been able to study at night.. Had it not been for her temper and her constant advice that it would have had been impossible to do something correctly.. Had it not been for her all those movies would have had been so quite… Above all, had it not been for here this place would have sucked so much more than what it already does… She has listened to me,she has spoken to me, she has fought with me and she has consoled me… But even after everything she is my BEST FRIEND… And today well.. Technically nine hours later starts her birthday and this years just couldn’t decide what to give her that is more precious than her… So thinking and simultaneously texting I thought of a perfect gift for her… It’s called Nothing.. LOL 😀 :D..
Anyways jokes apart I still my doubts for the gift so here it goes, I can’t find her anything from the market and I cant make her anything all thank to my wonderful and non clumsy craft skills.. But there is something I. Old do and that is write all this.. Coz that’s all I can do.. This is for u.. BIRTHDAY TEASER 2…..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR… HERE’S WISHING U ALL THE GOOD THAT IS THERE IN THE WORLD (believe me, there isn’t much left.. So treasure the last known goodness)… And here’s is something else I wrote some time back..
Miles may be a lot I see
Once we pass this spree
But we shall always be under the same moon u see…!!

AUTHORS NOTE: I am fully aware that all the content above is probably non sensual and boring … But all this is true.. There still exist some people who can reinforce a persons faith in the less known goodness and fun and enjoyment in life…



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