Just like that…


Somedays back  a friend asked the same questions i am about to today.. Rather she said something which i am about to… Since all the views stated were personal i am not really going to pinpoint that person… Lets just call her X.. All these years growing up there is one aspect of our lives which no matter how seldom but definitely has been one of the most prime concerns of the youth especially the teens and the twenty somethings… Having entered that decade where our lives are bound to change drastically both in terms of career and life… Life is about to change head to toe… Anyways coming back to he topic, todayz post is not about the pertaining change but the fact that do ‘we’ have the ability, the strength to deal with it… All the twinkies know what i am reffering to… Each one of us is nursing a broken heart or a lonely one.. There is a rarest of the rare breed which actually gets to be with the ones they really have adored and that my friends is what will be called ‘serendipity’… So, this friend of mine has been nursing a heartache for what some three years now and having lost all the faith in ‘relationships’ with the opposite gender X still longs for the company of a person who can just be with X just as a friend.. Someone who will talk, fight, tease maybe flirt but no strings attached… Just like that there are times in life when we long for the company of a person , a stranger maybe who can just be there with us… Someone who understands that aspect of ours which the person who broke us didn’t… Someone who can stand with us in the rainy days… Sometimes everybody needs the initial fairytale romance wherein two people meet not necessarily to fall in love but just like that they do on their way… The path from being strangers to friends to maybe something more maybe not… Sometimes the heart just wants to bestow its pain on the one that caused it just to show the extent of the damage…
There are just sometimes in life when on a random night listening to songs u want to be not with your best friend but with the one who has both the ability to make you smile as well as break and shatter u into pieces… Sometimes everyone needs someone … A person more than just a friend but still just a friend…

DISCLAIMER: All the views stated above are personal and do not refer to any person in particular. All the names and characters are a work of the imagination.



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