Over-Rated Virtues..


As a kid i often heard my parents, basically all the elders saying its good to be an optimist. They brought me up in such a way that this optimism thing found a very big place in my life. Each time for everything that happened rather that didn’t happen, i would just end up saying that yes, something good shall come from this too. But all these years i have noticed that optimism is a bit overrated, maybe it works wonders for some people but for the me it just seems to provide a false sense of security. There have been periods of dry spells when everything just seemed to go wrong, followed by a brief moment of happiness and well, yes it is enough to sustain for sometime but this just cannot be the case always. Personally, i don’t find any special merit in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.. for all we know it could turn out to be a super fast train and in a bid to follow that light we might end up following another divine one.. And well, if optimism is overrated so is pessimism.. we cant just life our lives thinking that there is nothing good left and that nothing good will spill out of this bucket of the odds.. Now, why all this sudden gyan on optimism and pessimism.. Well, to some extent its for self-discovery and to some extent just extending a plea for some advise.. There was somethings in the recent past that if had become a part of my life would have been great but somehow thy didn’t.. when the first thing fell.. it was the preparation for the second.. when the second fell.. prepared for the third but now when everything altogether seems to have fallen down.. all the avenues i once had seemed to have closed down then there is no option but to turn to that one avenue i completed negated in the past..to take that one exam i never wanted to but now i want to .. When things you love fail you, you have no option but to strive for the things you don’t .. probably the ones you love failed for this only.. probably the ones you don’t love are the ones where you are meant to be..

so signing off on this yet another note of optimism *sigh*..  guess, somethings can just never go out of our system.. Once an optimist always an Optimist..

P.S. Image taken from google.



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