Letter to an ‘Ex’ Best Friend



“Okay just because i am taking the time to write all this shouldn’t give you any kind of illusions especially the ones that say that I still care about U. If I were to put it, then i would just say that i don’t give a damn to what, where and how u are presently. I am taking the time and the effort to do all this because i firmly believe that I not U deserve a chance to be spoken aloud. I firmly believe that i have all the right to direct all the words that i think about you day and night at you.

So, you were always there, listened to my problems howsoever stupid they might have been .. You always called up whenever i was low,, U did everything and i was the b**** who screwed things up. Well, its time for you to get outta that iota world and realize that i gave you the place almost equivalent to a ‘God’ in my life. Each time you wanted something i made sure U got it, for each birthday of yours i was the one slogging day and night.. Okay, its give and take.. I agree but the fact still remains that u forgot that i even exist on My birthday.. U went off in some direction and weren’t to be found the entire day, you didn’t even have the courtesy to say Sorry on returning for simply ignoring the fact that it was ur Best friend’s birthday. Well, even though u say it now but this tiny word can’t bring back that day.. It just cant erase the memory of that one day i wanted to be about me and not U. Above all, everything i got to know recently just broke my heart.. Going behind my back was pretty much the ‘best’ thing you could do to end our friendship. I still call u, U still call m but U know what i no longer feel the warmth and for the FIRST time it aint my fault for i loved you with all my heart. I stayed even though i knew way too much about U. I stayed even when i hated you for ignoring me just because u had found other friends. I stayed always. I just stayed. But there is only one thing that i absolutely abhor and that are lies. If you said so, stand upto it. Have the guts to admit you went behind my back each time i trusted you , that u made my life an open book so much so that the one person i didnt wanna tell things about me knew everything. 

Frankly, I am not even Angry.. I am just Disappointed..

DUDE, there is one last thing i would like to say

thanx so much for teaching me not to TRUST people again”


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