Old is Gold !!!

Okay so i often heard my grandparents say ‘Old is Gold’.. or that no matter how many new things you may purchase it is always the oldest things that help you in the time of adversities.. Same goes for the people Β in our lives..


Howsoever new people we may befriend and howsoever close they get.. at times, they may even surpass the importance or the place in your life which you had kept reserved only for your ‘Chaddi-Buddies’ in the end its always those importance lost.. sulking in the corner idiots that come to your rescue.. For they have known you the longest.. for years , since you were probably in your diapers.. these people never judge you for all the small things that you do.. they just stand by you and give u immense support… and the funny part is you don’t even feel the need to be with them or talk to them each day.. a 5 minute conversation once a week or probably twice a month is enough to warmify the relationship..

I have had such a friend and really truly speaking from the bottom of my heart, I love her.. She has been there for me throughout even in the times of my worst temper ( for the record, i am a really really moody person).. for the times of good temper… she helped me get on the right track when i was drunk and bumping into people… she has just been there always.. even when i was ignoring her for i had met my NEW best friend.. and the funny part is right now, she is somewhere across the world probably reading this and laughing saying B****, such a big emo you are.. but what to say that is how i am.. Anyhow, the past couple of days have been rough and even though she is some 10000 Kms away yet in a weird strange way she is with me every second of each day.. we never talk over the phone.. just a few emails enquiring as to how we are and what we did the entire day and that’s probably the longest conversation we have.. yet she is there sublimely.. and the fact remains she is my best friend who has done anything and everything for me.. I know this little post is not the right way to say Thank you.. but screw it.. you’re my friend and this is what you’ll have to do forever.. JK.. I love u B****.. and just for the record..

“People may come.. People may go… But since you have managed to stay.. I would only like to say .. Thanks so much for being there..”

Kudos to us and our friendship..!!

Signing off…

Good morning people.. Have a pleasant one..



  1. I’d like to start by saying that u are a B****, but so am I and really do like the choice of ur pic…its the best one yet and yes i love u too. But its not only me that stood by ur side u did the same for me…I know u were pissed wen i told u i am going away and i was sad too but thats life dear and the fact that we are still best frnds is the proof that we both are insane people who can tolerate each other and no matter what happens will stay by each others side… So thanking you for staying my frnd πŸ™‚


    • see, the funny part is i knew you were going to write something like this only.. LOL.. anyways, as far as i know i was PRETTY happy when u decided to move and the only thing i said was ‘Phew, finally!! freedom..’..
      anyhow, the fact still remains that now that technology has actually shrunk the distances.. we are near no matter the geographical distance.. so u needn’t worry.. I was there, i am there and will always be there to suck your blood.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜€


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