Sublime Wishes..

There is always that one thing we love the most.. it can be reading, writing, chatting, playing some sport or musical instrument maybe singing, dancing… It can be anything… it is that one thing that gives us a sense of being …it is that one thing that we’d love to do at the end of a stressful day and feel refreshed.. it is that one thing we can do for hours at a stretch and never get tired.. this ‘thing’ is called a ‘hobby’..

As children we dreamt of doing that one thing we loved forever but as we grew we had no option but to face the harsh realities of life.. The fact that spilling ink on a paper or merely swaying with the music and with no professional training all that talent we have is waste… The fact that even after some kind of training there is no guarantee that it will be sufficient for us to sustain in the ‘REAL’ world out there..

It is at such moments that we are forced to give up on the long dwelled on fantasy and move on to a more practical and boring way of life.. to a world where materialism has spread to the depths and captured in its claw every bit of innocence.. And that is the moment my friends we are deemed to have grown up.. we are deemed to have grown up and ‘responsible’ the moment we part with our child like innocence.. Well, personally i feel it ain’t fair..

As we grow up we work hard to earn well to get promoted often and to ready all the things to enjoy once we retire.. to enjoy the things we missed out on when we were busy accumulating piles of numbers.. to enjoy the PAST.. and then there is that one frustrating moment where we realize that we don’t love what we do and that is when we start regretting all the decisions made in the past..

My motive behind this post wasn’t to give any kind of presentation or lecture people on following their heart or be practical.. My agenda here is only to make anyone and everyone who reads this the fact that its still not too late.. there is still time to pursue that sublime wish of ours if not as a profession but as a hobby.. to just make sure it helps us stay connected to the same old child like, innocent US.. just so that it brings us closer to our innate selves… And trust me its a great feeling knowing that the harsh materialistic world still hasn’t had a toll on us..

Food for thought..

Signing off

Good night pals..


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