The 10 must have’s of a Playlist


Well, here’s the deal.. tonight is not gonna be about me lecturing over some topic about which not many of you would have been aware.. its just gonna be a peaceful long night where finally after what seems like centuries of neglecting them.. finally, i am gonna plug in my headsets.. ohh btw i got them as a free gift sorta thing with my laptop and they have remained packed till the other day when i was cleaning my cupboard and noticed their presence in my life.. lol.. anyhow.. not taking much of your time, I’ll just leave you with a few nice songs.. a few songs everybody ought to listen to :

1. Pani da rang –Vicky donor — a song which is very very close to my heart..   Ayushmann Khurana  u have got a beautiful voice.. 

2.Mann mera — Table no. 21 — Just listen to it once and u shall be mesmerized… its simply awesome..  

3. Jugni– Coctail- of the so many versions of jugni over the years.. this one i think is the best .. 

4. Somebody’s Me – Enrique Iglesias — Need I say More ? the name is enough.. .. You can also Check out  for a complete list of his songs

5. Just call me Angel  of the morning— The Pretenders — later used in the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (season 02 )– 

6. Everytime — Lincoln Hawks — Used in the Gossip Girl series as well.. Rufus humphrey sang it at his concert wherein Lily Bass walked in searching for Serena Vander Woodsen..

7. Nickelback.. well, its like i am in love with the songs so going to put the links of all the songs i can find.. each one of them is a masterpiece..

8. No Promises by Shayne Ward.. The lyrics of the song are just beautiful.. and his voice.. u could just listen to it forever.. 

9. Lagja gale– Lata mangeshkar – so this might be a bit old but still has the magic to woo the hard rock generation.. 

10. Jagjit Singh.. any words that i use to describe would be way too less.. 

Signing off readers..

Happy ‘Musik-ing’

Hope u like them too..

Good night..!!



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