The Eternal Search For A Paradise..


Hi people, now i know i have been MIA for some days but just needed some room to clear my head.. So, today’s question would be what is it about the hypothetical world paradise that makes us chase it so much.. what is it about this thing that we all spend our entire lives running after multiple things just to be in that place.. U know what, I strongly disagree.. there is no such thing as a paradise.. there is absolutely no place where everything is picture perfect and there wouldn’t be any trace of some darkness.. For all the iota world dwellers, its take to shake yourselves out and realize that no such thing exists.. 

Each One of us would however love to go to such a place and u know what true paradise means.. Its a place where U can be happy.. Its not a place where everything is picture perfect.. On the contrary it might be a place where everything is messy, just the way u like it.. Its could be a huge classroom.. a empty performance hall.. a library.. a garden.. a gallery.. a market… Ur office.. it can be anything .. anything at all.. Its that place in the world which renders you the most happiness.. Its that place you would love to go to after a stressful day doing the things you hate.. its that place which is linked to all those sublime wishes of yours.. 

Okay, now here’s a confession for me that place is huge room with some selected music, my laptop and lots and lots of books .. books of any type, author, date, era, genre.. anything with yellow and white pages ( and for all the pranksters, I am not talking about the telephone directories or the Yellow pages) ..and if none of that, then my laptop is enough to keep me occupied.. I love being with these things.. these non-living things are the only things that render me peace and this, my room at this time, when the entire world sleeps is the true PARADISE for me for it is the only time of the day when i get to be with you people as well as this is the only time of the day when i can leave worries about things and people behind and do what I love.. So, my paradise is not any country, any city or anything else.. My Paradise is a place, any room for that matter where i can spend time with my books and my laptop… 

Now, that u know this.. Look around.. Look within.. Think about what all u miss being missed… It all boils down to FINDING OUR OWN PARADISE…

With this thought,

Signing Off

Have a Great Night!!


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