Its time …. !!

Running away from life , from people, from places are pretty much the worst things we can do to us.. Its a sign of cowardice to have an escapist tendency in difficult situations.. This tendency of running away hurts us only and not anyone else.. It makes us live in a make believe world where everything is great, everybody is good and everything is ideal and the moment we are presented with difficult situations, we just prefer to ignore them , to escape from them, to  simply just forget that anything bad too can happen in this world..

I have been running away from so many things for such a long time and the result was that i ‘deactivated’ the one thing that had me connected to the rest of the world, today somebody said something which made me realize that I have become an escapist of sorts from things from people when things go wrong. I have just somehow managed to snap all ties with a person, a really good friend.. I have managed to isolate myself to this tiny corner of this tiny room of this place somewhere adjacent to a really fun place yet have managed to stay miles away from it. I have managed to do all that in just a matter of few weeks. I have managed to ruin anything and everything I loved and possessed. 

And all the above was the result of a failure, a small failure which demotivated me big time, it just made me want to leave everything and everyone and just go.. Just leave and go to maybe a place far far away.. I tried saying these things so many times but somehow never found anyone who was even remotely interested in helping me, there was nobody who supported me during that time.. All my friends for whom I have lived all my life simply just walked away.. They just shrug their shoulders and said there is nothing we can do about it, You’ll have to deal with it on your own dear. This consolation my friends wasn’t good enough. 



Anyways, after having gone miles away to a distant place in my heart from all the happenings , failures and people mentioned above, Now, today is the time when I stand up for myself again. Today is the time when I finally connect with the world but this time it is going to be a selective connection. Today, I start a new life. Today i turn a new leaf and today I let go. Its been long and now finally ITS TIME..!!!

“Signing On”

Have a great one Friends..!!


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