The State Of , “Sab Kuch Maaf ..!”

Isn’t there always that  one person whom you forgive each and every time in spite of how much ever they would have hurt you. There is that one person in all of ours lives that just manages to be a part of it even after committing some heinous crimes which had in the past made us lose some other people.. some friends.. some best friends.. and some relations.. But somehow that one person was always forgiven no matter how much you wished you didn’t … no matter how much hard to tried to move on.. you just end up forgiving them and moving on but with their continuous presence in your life.. Sometimes even the friends, the people you have grown up with have to face the brute of their ‘mis-deeds’ but that person who came much later and meant almost nothing is spared each and every time, Isn’t that a bit Unfair? But true to its name, Life is always Unfair.. :/

Our friends stand with us in all times of need, in times of sadness, in times of pain, in times of madness, in times of drunk-ness and for that tiny flicker of spark that we feel with this person we are ready to let go of them over some seriously petty issues.. and even a major issue, some habit that we wouldn’t have tolerated in our friends we just never even get even a lil bit intimidated by the same habit of this person. Isn’t this more than just unfair? :/

That person came the last , that person doesn’t even knows you completely and yet we are ready to put everything at risk for them. Isn’t that a bit unfair? :/

Why is it that when our best friend goes abroad we just wave goodbye with a smile on our face saying “I’ll miss u and i love u”  but everything inside feels intact, and even the bare mention of this not-so-important person leaving makes us feel as if everything inside has crashed into hundred’s and thousand’s of pieces , when even a small argument with this tramp makes us wet our pillows for hours, yet ever ready to apologize and make things up and in the same scenario with others we have a huge ego that stops from taking even that one step forward. That, people is really unfair! :/

Why is that in almost negligibly small time that person’s importance has grown exponentially, so much so that we cannot even think about a day when they aren’t there.. A day without talking to them feels twice as long.. We are high on life with them.. and high on booze when they leave.. Why is that?  Why is it that we can forgive just that one person for a mistake they did and can’t our best friends’ for something they didn’t. :/

This emotion, this feeling is far from rationality, its far from the normal realm and beyond comprehension , yet it is there and somehow even after that person leaves once, breaks our hearts we are ready to accept them with open arms each time they come back without even a letter of complaint on our lips, but with friends there comes some kinds Ego, some kind of overconfidence where we declare that they (friends) are trash and we can exist without them (friends). :/

That my Friends is called a state of “Sab Kuch Maaf or Everything is alright” .. 🙂

Even till the very end we keep on retrospecting and questing as to why we can’t just let that person go, after all they are just tramp, but each time the answer is ‘Because we just can’t!’

Signing off , but still confused.. What to do, what not to do.. that my friend is the major question..!!

Have a Great One!! 🙂 🙂



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