The Journey of a Lifetime.


I first set my eyes upon this building back in May, 2009 for the first time and for some weird reason felt an instant attraction towards it, something which I decline from having happened till date. I first set foot in this place as a scared teenager, with barely any knowledge about the ‘real’ world and its norms, without any knowledge about how to survive in a place that is far from being even my last choice in life, but as time stands as proof, I survived.

Its been 4 long years but it still feels as if it all happened in just the blink of an eye, it seems weird now to be Graduating if it means to leave , to go away from this place , to never really have any ‘fun’ reason to just ‘aivin’ visit this campus, it feels weird. Even this thought is so disturbing that ever since a friend mentioned this in the morning and after spending a whole day roaming in the city , I still haven’t been able to get rid of it.Β 

I bunked my first lecture here, met my best friend here, met the person i just love to spend a lot of time with here, got a job from here and more so, this place has been instrumental in fulfilling my childhood dream of being an Engineer ( P.S. last semester exams to go and then i’ll be one officially but still, so far so good), this is place which taught me numerous things about life, about people, about relations, this is place that gave me an insight into so many things that today i can stand up to the world and compete in the rat race in the true sense. This is the place that has replaced the old scared n timid me and has helped me become a confident person. That is the canteen where my friends and me before going to our 1st ever interview gulped down every single thing that was available on the menu, that’s the hostel mess where we learnt fighting for our rights or else people would just walk you over.. That’s the hostel where i spent 3.5 years in practicality, when initially spending even a day there looked almost impossible, those are the stairs where we sat , sometimes to study, sometimes to just be there, to just enjoy the time , to just chitter-chatter the time away, that’s the sports room where i rediscovered my passion for table tennis.. This is the pace that taught me the art of ‘Jugaad’…

I know each nook and corner of this place like the back of my hand.. And now, when its time to leave it feels bad.. and that’s surprising coz we have always blamed the authorities for not having so many things, for not providing enough facilities , for being too strict, for being too stringent in their policies, for misusing their power so much so that Quo Warranto could be imposed on them, But whatever, I am rather i’m pretty sure we all are going to miss this place like hell, for this is the place that has given us enough confidence about even hating it, this is the place that has given us this position that now, we can hate it.. This place has facilitated even our hatred for it..Β 

There are sometimes in life when we feel that nothing good is happening or the possibility of anything even remotely good happening to us is impossible, that’s the time when a boon disguised as bane enters your life, this place turned out to something like this only, Sure there are so many things that we couldn’t achieve being here but whats more important is that I, we enjoyed this journey, this Journey of a Lifetime called College Days..

P.S. I know its a bit soon, there are still 2 months left, but 60 days are just insufficient to admire this place completely, to just gather enough memories that shall sublimely help in walking and achieving yet another destination on this journey called Life.

I’m Gonna Miss My College Days..!!

Hoping that time just stops this very moment.. That this time never Ceases to BE..!!

Signing Off..



  1. Had marked to read this post sessionals. Hence, the late response. Sorry!

    Being a Delhiite who travels daily to the institute, I am still not sure whether i’d miss the campus or not. But people, too daring even thinking of not to.
    They crafted life out of every lecture, every vella hour, every second moment i am able to possibly recollect.

    But then again, manzilein aur bhi hain kayi. πŸ™‚
    Best of luck for the future.
    May you get to relive this all.


    • manzillen kai aur bhi hain..
      raaste kai aur bhi aaenge..
      par ye pal aur ye ehsaas kabhi vapas na aaenge..

      I agree with u on the very thought that its very plausible to think that we’ll never ever miss the campus.. but then again its not the campus but the people..
      Food for thought.. πŸ™‚


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