Something to LOVE <3 …


If there is one thing that i love the moat in the world, that is travelling… Going to places far far away and exploring them, of gettig to know new cultures , new people , new places an click lots and lots of photographs.. Ever since childhood we’ve had this family tradition sorta thing to just pack our bags as soon as the summer break commences.. and then we’d go for some days to what in my words was altogether a new realm.. THis time holidays were different ; they were in january for a start  then secondly this time I couldnt enjoy them because of the 2 impendib exam results that were to be declared the very day i was supposed to come back.. so all in all i was scared , tired and cold all this while.. yet for the very mention of the word road travel travelled like a super synaptic signal in every neuron of my body and inspite of all the above I didnt feel tired after sittig in  car for 8 long hours and not even getting a chance to drive it.. Lol… so this picture i clicked on a road where we stopped so the driver could just do some business… and this isnt it.. there are lots more which i plan to share as soon as the devils of an engineer’s life called sessionals come to an end.. till then enjoy… and have few great ones…
signing off…


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