A day of lessons..


hey people.. I am back.. Well, exams not quite over but just couldn’t resist myself from writing this one.. Today , 16 April 2013 has been a day of lessons.. I never thought that all this while; everything that I took for granted would teach me lesson that too all in a day’s time …

I learnt today not to trust people easily.. to never rely on the face value and to look for the ‘place value’..

Learnt today to never expect anything out of people.. To never even remotely harbour this feeling especially in friendship.. for when these expectations arent met friendships get ruined.. so to be game only for friends and to not want anything out of them..

Another thing i realized today was people always believe in ‘out of sight, out of mind’ … Once u leave a place no matter how many memories u have there , u’d still end up getting replaced by newer things..

I learnt that people are bound to take u for granted and that we arent supposed to object to that for if we will the they’d take the easy way out and just Leave..

I realized that friendships are complicated.. When u get to know something about a friend u get this weird feeling.. u are happy for them but om the other hand u feel so insecure… BUt as they say its not to be said its only to be borne on our own..

Got to know that loving someone hurts.. especially when the other person inspite of repeated promises manages to vanish each time u want them to be there..

Well , after this huge document of lessons u must be wondering as to how i could manage this kind of ignorance all this while or maybe just the fact that how could i squeeze in so many lessons in one day… Well, its a long.story which i am pretty sure is not as interesting as it sounds so shall only find a way to the pages of my journal ..

Anyhow, the main thing that i realized today is we were born alone, we’ll die alone.. We can surely manage the time between alone as well..

slightly pessismitic but true..

Signing off in the hope of a better tomorrow with no lessons .. 😉

Have a great one guys… !!


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