The Long wait for Serendipity..


As a Teenager, I used to believe in Love at  first sight, I used to believe that soulmates exist, that some day out of the blue someone will enter my life and it will never ever be the same.. I used to believe that someday I’ll have a chat with just some random person standing next to me on the train singing the song that has been stuck in my head the entire day.. I used to believe that the cheesy version of love existed.. I used to believe in chivalry.. I used to believe in everything that someday , I’ll meet my Mr. Perfect and that would be the same person i have had a crush on since like forever… I used to believe finding true love is easy, and that no matter how much we fight , he would always be there for me , to comfort me and he’d be there not because he loved me or anything but just because he would have wanted to.. and Yes, I admit this is probably a very idealistic scenario …

After a couple of failed relationships , a handful of instances of broken heart I have stopped believing.. I have stopped believing in people, in things they say or do.. I have stopped believing in the emotion called love so much so that these days i think all the above mentioned things are overrated.. Its hard to look at my ownself in the mirror every morning and admit that it is still the same person.. It looks like that I have changed IN and OUT..

This long wait for serendipity has perhaps made a paranoid or something and I seriously don’t know how long its gonna last .. Writing this post I have actually realized that I want all that to be true.. The bottom most corner of my heart wishes to find the ‘one’ .. It craves for this beautiful experience and maybe on the way it may even find the old self.. who knows.. maybe that’s my SERENDIPITY.. After all, we all have different fate.. Maybe this is mine…

Signing Off

Still Waiting for what seems like Forever.. :O 🙂


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