The first question as you start reading this would be as to why I titled this post as Blank… Well, there are some very plausible reasons for that, reasons you shall come to know if you survive the boring text of this post.. 😀

Okay, I always say Engineering is hard and am pretty sure there must be a huge number of people ready to kill me and twice the number ready with their questions.. SO, today’s post is dedicated to the complexity of an Engineering undergraduates  life…

So , A sunday morning for others is like a wish come true.. they just want to laze around and roam around the house in their pajamas eating , sleeping and lazing in front of T.V., but we get up at 7, get dressed and leave for ‘work’  irrespective of a weekend or weekday, for wee have to work hard , work hard for the future.. Now, work in usual terms could mean college or office and on weekends there are classes which claim to help you achieve those aims in life which have developed subsequent to understanding that only a Graduation degree can’t render success in real terms… They say, If the dreams are high, the rate of slogging too increases exponentially..

So, it was a typical sunday morning, She woke up, got dressed and went to her ‘work’, the definition of which varied from weekdays to weekends.. After long hours of classes and hints of break in between, she got back home at something around 5.30 also completing various errands on the way.. So, now all she wanted was a cup of coffee, some good home made food and to sleep till the next morning, but she couldn’t for her dreams were high and the struggle had just begun.. So, now her team mates call up and remind her that the final project is due that very week and that they would really need to work hard.. and hence, she began slogging again, designing and redesigning circuits, till they made some sense in Matlab (‘The language of technical computing’), even matlab didn’t support her that day, for all the circuits she designed , refused to work although she checked each detail over and over again yet the stubborn diagrams just refused to simulate and show some results, so in a fist of anger, frustration, tiredness and sleep-deprived state, she decided to pick her laptop up and let the world know what happens to people who think they can make their own projects, Easy way out would have been to do what the entire branch does, just simple go to the nearest market and purchase the best available project for 3-4 grand.. But no, she wanted to work on the project , to learn something, this was her choice, this was her and her team-mates’ choice, so now they just had to respect their ownselves and their own decisions.. Hence, all of them dropped the idea of sleeping that night and worked on the project with the hope  that all their efforts bear fruit..

Okay, so this is a probably very badly cooked but with good intentions , with which everyone can relate to Story, But this is the ultimate truth of any undergraduate engineer’s life.. Right now, in spite of the extended weekend on account of Ram-Navmi, I just managed to go to the nearby market , that too for purchasing some stationary, for my major project’s due Thursday, and we have just started really working on it, I mean we did have the skeleton and all, but now, we need to have the skin and the muscles as well, making which takes a lot of time , effort and sleep…  For those who can understand, we are simulating the circuit(s) for the Improvement of Power Quality using Power Electronic Devices, now a lot of research has been going on in this field and so we decided to use 3 FACTS controllers namely STATCOM, SVC & D-STATCOM, on the same circuit and then compare their performance characteristics and hence conclude which would be the most suitable controller to be employed in a particular given situation.. The basic model that we are going to use would be:

Untitled picture


And our Star controller looks like :


Its called a Statcom .. Anyways, this was the whole story about how a controller changed my sunday to tuesday … Anyhow, Hoping u enjoyed urs..

Hope , this entire endeavor renders some results.. till then #Fingers Crossed ..

Signing Off

Eagerly waiting for #Monday 😛 :P..




  1. hahah, reminded me of my days in college- i once decided to code my final year project in Perl, a language i had learnt barely a month ago! and i went through everything you’ve mentioned above!


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