Auld Lang Syne..

Should old friends be forgotten and never be brought to mind..?

(It ain’t fair , or so i believe..)

And surely u’ll go ur way and i’ll go mine
We’ll have a cup of kindness each
for auld lang syne …

Surely, Life is continuous… we meet people, we lose people… we love people, we hate people.. It goes on.. but is it fair to forget he old ones once we find some new ones.. is it just morally correct to abandon the people who might have supported us in times when noone else couldnt have even tolerated seeing or face.. No its not..
Surely , if someone leaves , life doesnt hit a fullstop, its only a comma and eventually we get over what might have been an initial roadblock..
My question is why is it that people always find it viable to take the easy way, the way out.. to never talk about and clear the misunderatandings, to never surrender to their true feelings , to just completely forget about the mere existence of that little fellow who was there when noone else was…
i have never been able to understand this thing, this concept.. Have tried and failed several times.. Why instead of running From each other people dont run towards each other at the hint of a small misunderstanding or the fact that they are growing distant.. Its not called Growing up.. its only called Runnig away, Abandonment.. Everyone is busy in their own lives.. each one of us has stuff to do and if someone tries hard to maintain a relation even when they are physically light years away that opportunity is to be grabbed by both hands.. This chance should not be missed at any cost…

Old friends are gold , new ones are like diamond.. To hold a diamond, u always ned a base of gold..

Life doesnt stop and so shouldn’t we, but once in a while we must pause and look around us, and if we are able to find even one person whom we can bank upon blindly then we can surely continue as we are on the right path but if noone is to be found then maybe its time to introspect..
For jobs guaranttee money but to party with that we always need FRIENDS..

Signing Off
Have a great one peeps..!:-D




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