Seeking A Day..

I borrowed a friend’s laptop to just register for the college alumni website which apparently is a pre-requisite to getting the No-dues thingie done.. Registration done, confirmation received, yet my head and heart just doesn’t want to hit that print button, for all it knows once that button goes down, its all over and nothings ever gonna be the same again..


We spent almost every moment in these 4 years literally just wishing that all this comes to an end soon, praying to god that the course ends and so does the hostel food trauma.. wishing silently for mom’s gourmet food, for the comfort of home.. for the love of home, but now when the end is just right there at point blank range staring at us, we seek a day.. Just another day, so that we could live here again, to have those midnight parties, those fights, those talks, bunking lectures, staying awake the whole night and then sleeping in class the next day, the excuse cooking up session for reaching class late, the 55 minutes of near death experience, the canteen sessions, the sports meet, the exams, the friends, the projects, the parties.. I could go on forever..

The end is even closer than we anticipated it to be, probably the sole reason why each one of us has been putting off packing, we hate that.. this is our place, that’s My room, that’s My cupboard, for 4 years i have slept on that bed, that’s the place which made me realize that i have truly grown up, that’s the place i had my first interview at which just made me shed all the shackles of childhood and enter adulthood.. that stupid hat sorta thing.. it was a gift on my 21st birthday.. it adorned the walls of the room for such a long time now.. its a part of this place… i am a part of this place… This place is a part of me… How on earth are we ever supposed to let go a part of our ownselves.. how and why do we even have to do that, change is good, but then why does this change makes me have a heart shattering pain so much so that i feel practically choked.. why, i fail to understand this..

If something were to come true this moment, i would want just a day with all my room and all my friends just the way it always has been..



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