To the roads, where thy soul lies..

It was the last week of December and Delhi had almost started to feel sub-zero.. It all started one random Wednesday night, the last exam was a few days away and so I had decided to come back home.. A midst the cacophony of the daily soaps and the whistling ‘cooker’ , a plan was finalized.. A plan long awaited finally got the shape , in the most unexpected and random manner.


Come January 5, it felt almost a pleasure to wake up at 4, the last night actually went just in the blink of an eye.. I lost my metro card, carried two huge bags for like 2 kms, yet I wasn’t tired for I knew, tomorrow the one thing that i had always waited for was to come true.. Our first family roadtrip, the destination didn’t seem to bother, neither did the fact that it would be bone shattering cold there.. Nothing, there was nothing that could have bothered or stopped me. Ever since the plan had been planned, everything just felt like falling into place automatically, dad got leave from his office easily, my college, mom’s work.. everything just happened the right way…

The 150 kmph ride… the Incredible India.. the ‘stupid’ family talks in the back.. the chill.. my camera.. and some utterly stupid and non-senstial songs… probably the best trip that ever happened.. 4 state borders and 8 hours later.. God’s Abode, Shimla… the snow capped mountains in the distance.. the terraces and the sweet smell of adventure..

What’s so perfect and best about this trip, well.. the fact that this was a family trip after a really long time could be one reason, another reason could be that this was the first road trip we’ve had in years.. the simple fact that this time noone was worried about the destination, each one of us just didn’t want this journey to end, for whatever reasons.. of all the trips that I have ever taken this one occupies the most special place in my heart. And yes, it was PERFECT, for the sole reason that it was a family trip 🙂 ..


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