Book Review: Inferno

Okay, so this one is supposed to be Dan Brown’s what 6th novel. For all those who don’t know, I am myself a huge fan of his work and hence might be a little biased šŸ˜›
Another rendezvous for Prof. Robert Langdon, Waking up and finding himself on a hospital bed with a killer at lose and a ‘weird’ packet, the Harvard symbologist’s knowledge and passion for ancient paths is put to test again, only this time it is Florence, Italy…

The book progresses at a breakneck speed , but somehow anybody who has read Brown’s previous works would be able to apprehend the next move. The plot is amazing and the sheer beauty of the words used to describe the various churches, the passages and everything about the architecture seems to paint a picture in the mind so much so that it feels like watching a movies only it is in the reader’s mind. However, the plot takes an unpredictable turn towards the end, which makes the book worth all the time.. The language used in some parts seems almost like a poem.. The beauty of his books is the fact that each time he writes a new part of history is emphasized upon and the reader is compelled to enrich his knowledge of the facts even after completing the book. Somewhere in the middle, the book becomes a bit monotonous but regains its momentum towards the end. Such is the magic of Dan Brown that even after apprehending certain things, the book is unputdownable..

The book is available at:
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In short, a good read for everyone.



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