When the roads became oceans..

“It started around 11.30 on a Saturday morning.. when the entire city was lazing around, enjoying the weekend after a heck of a week.. And when it finally stopped sometime around 4 that evening, it left behind inundation where the roads used to be.. “

images (2)

I had gone to meet a friend, and since it was a weekend i had decided to drive.. Somewhere between the talks we didn’t realize when it started pouring oceans.. a glance at my watch made me realize how late it had got.. Fortunately, this time i had an umbrella and with this feeling of some triumph, I started to walk to the parking lot, only to realize that the approach road had a huge traffic jam, thanking god again that the car was parked at a spot where there was almost no probability of a jam, at a altogether different metro station some 9 kms away… Grabbing my bag with one hand and the umbrella with the other, taking care that the phone in my pocket doesn’t accidentally consume water and with water filled shoes, I started to walk and the distance which i can cover, walking, in about 7 mins on an average day took 20 maybe 25 minutes.. Having covered half the distance and realizing the jam melting away, another small flickr of triumph was just about to materialize, but the scenario that lay ahead made sure, i didn’t have it..  There was knee deep water on the road and had i been a few inches shorter i would probably have drowned .. There were school children carrying the boulders they call bags, braving the rain trying to get to the other side, it was the same desperation people stranded in Manhattan, must have felt in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ ..

20 minutes and numerous nearly missed potholes and a nearly sprained ankle later, it was solid tar, the rest of the distance passed uneventfully and I was able to board the metro finally, only to find numerous strangers with questions in their eyes as to what had made me that wet, even when it was a black jeans and the extent of damage wasn’t that visible..  Anyhow, I survived the train journey , for home was the only thought on my mind the entire time..

The next leg of the journey was equally tiring, firstly some dumb auto driver had parked his vehicle in front of my car and had vanished, having solved that situation, i got into the car and started the final phase of the journey back home, the roads it seemed had all but melted away, water was the only thing to be found everywhere, it was a collection of broken down traffic signals & vehicles, stranded pedestrians and some brave traffic policemen trying to tame the lion. 45 minutes and 3 kilometers later, heaven it was , HOME finally..

Blame it on the NDMC, or the nature’s fury , this has become a regular picture during the monsoon season.. Simply, blame shifting and walking away from the responsibility won’t help, each and everyone of us has to wake up and stop the destruction we unknowingly do each day, these pseudo oceans are just a trailer to what might happen in the future, if the current warnings are not taken seriously, its time we stop digging our own graves.. :/


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