Better late than Never, Review: India Unbound

So, I am reading this great book these days by Gurcharan Das, its called India Unbound, which had been lying in the bookshelf for the past two years but for some weird reason, of which i am not aware I haven’t read it till date. Gurcharan das has struck magic again just like the previous one i read (‘The Difficulty of Being Good’) . It has completely changed my version of India, post independance, especially about what made the once proclaimed ‘Golden Bird’ be decades behind in development as compared to its ‘worthless’ counterparts. The language used in the book is so abstract and flawless, that the reader feels almost as if everything was going on in real, in front of their own very eyes, the little anecdotes about the Birla group, the Reliance Industries, Sam Pitrocha and so much more, it is a complete package in itself. The book offers complete insight into the Indian economy right from the 1940’s till the post 1991 reforms . It is a must have for MBA’s and Civil Service Aspirants.  The author without even the slightest doubt knows his way around words. The book is awesome, a must read for anybody who wants to know what went wrong with India..

Grab Your Copy, Click Here

My Rating 4/5 😀 😀


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