A new month, A new leaf..!!


1st August 2013 @ 2.03 a.m. So the past couple of days have been rough, hectic and emotionally draining, for most part of yesterday was spent in lying on the bed and staring at the stupid ceiling fan, anyhow, the good news is that finally the results are OUT! and as happy as I feel to have graduated and enter the real world, it is also equally scary to realize that all the joys of student life will now become history, that there shall be no more going back to college or randomly sit in the canteen with friends, plans we will try to make but they shall only seldom work out. But in any case, Life moves on and so should be, so moving on, the next thing on my head is another result , the result that was supposed to be ousted on Sunday but hasn’t been till now. *Fingers Crossed* :/ :/

As a new month begins, its time to leave the past behind, its time to move on, its time to grow and its time to be responsible. Okay, for most part of the next month I think would be occupied with thinking about the fact that ‘what the hell should I do now, I am a graduate, its time to get up and get a job!’, Another thing great is the fact that Friendship day is coming, the point of celebrating which I fail to understand, anyways,  well that’s the part great for the kids out there. Furthermore, I do also await the upcoming holiday(s) , haven’t had those for a long time now (for a really weird reason, even though I have nothing to do, there seems to be day that feels like a holiday). Apart from that the best part about August is that its the month my baby brother was born, and this year he turns fourteen, plus his birthday coincides with ‘Raksha Bandhan’, a festival celebrated in India mostly. Also, awaited are the major changes on the governmental front, the new election tactics and the blame game along with the huge rainfall that has been bestowed on Delhi this year. Not to forget the fact that it is the 8th month of the year and my birthday is only 4 months away *yayeee* 😀 😀

Some guidelines to be followed this month are:

  1. Stop being too emotional
  2. Work Hard
  3. Read a lot
  4. Stop expecting things from people
  5. Respect your elders
  6. Let your friends know that you still love them
  7. Be updated on the happenings around the world
  8. Save water
  9. Pollute less and Save the Environment,  and the last and the most important one is
  10. Enjoy life to the fullest!

Hoping for a great month ahead..! 😀 😀 😀


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