A small product, a BIG difference!

So, a few weeks back I got a free sample of the Ambipur Mini vent clip (Lavender Comfort) and I didn’t know that,  that little thing could make such a huge difference especially in the monsoons when the cars are supposed to smell like scum. The vent clips are practical and the fragrance is amazing! Well, Delhi is a tough place to drive especially when someone in the next seat is wearing grumpy pants and the  drive is even more irritating when the stupid rains outside compel you to roll up the windows and sit in the almost fungi like smell for hours to an end for the roads are crowded with millions of cars and only  god-knows-how-they-came-there. Anyhow, this clip ensures you are safe at least for a few hours. Rather it also helps you cheer up by heightening the sense of ‘smell’. The other day, at a petrol pump while waiting for almost half an hour(never figured the reason to that wait), just the presence of a pleasant smell coupled with some of the favorite oldies on the radio made me not frown even once. Also, In a weird way this was kinda ‘special’ special to me as well, for it was the first thing I had got for MY car, it is perhaps the only thing of mine that belongs in there, the rest are hundreds and thousands of memories. Well, on that nostalgic note, the product is recommended like 100% to everyone. Plus it comes in a nice little packaging and if I hadn’t thrown it all away I would have had attached a picture here, but Alas, I am no fan of packaging of the products.

Also, you can grab your own sample by Clicking Here.

#FreshNHappy 😀 😀


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