An ‘August’ DAY!..

Hey people, good morning, so for most part of the night and early morning I have been receiving all these texts and all of them have the same content I.e.  ‘ HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY’ , infact some of the music apps have also sent all these in order to promote some songs.. As for me I am a staunch believer in friendship for life and not a day or something.. its no use wishing somebody today of you fail to acknowledgr their presence for the next 364 days.. Its good to be made feel special but friendship is a virtue, its a gift which makes us feel special each moment of each day by making ua believe that there is somebodg out there for us and no matter how bad we screw up that person would always be there.. that’s the kind of commitment one looks for in a friend and not merely bands and shiny shiny gifts.. personally, I have never gifted my best friend anything ever even on her birthday instead I go out and buy something for myself on that day and as for her she never misses an opportunity to stick me some kind of shit .. but we know we are there whenever the other person needs us… its something emotional which should never be made materialistic. .
So, my suggestion today’d be go and have a great day with ur friends, call them up if u haven’t in a long long time, let your friends you love them and do not let the three words or the word ‘ Distance’ come between and only then would it be a happy friendship. .

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