I tried to hate you..


You were my classmate and we talked several times during those boring lab hours.. it took you three years to finally come up to me, and when you did , reluctantly I agreed. We went out, had fun, those talks and everything about u that impressed me, you were not perfect, yet perfect for me. You were nowhere close to the person I dreamt of being with, your sense of humor was non-existent, you were nowhere close to the image I wanted in a person, yet u had this dynamism, this charisma that somehow drew me towards you. Before I knew you, you presented as if you were the geek of the class, the one that carries some or the other book around always, although this turned to be partially true, yet there was so much more to that you, I never even knew about. At almost the same time,  u were the center of gossip of the entire class, about you and your self proclaimed best friend, I didn’t believe any of it and I asked you and you denied, I trusted you a lot , so I passed. And then in the Summer, I didn’t want to carry you home, but all I could think about was you. But you never called, and when I did, you just weren’t just the same.  There, that instant, you broke me! I swore , I’d never look at you, let alone talking to you.

But then, later that year, you apologized. I wanted to, but I couldn’t stay mad at you for so long, that again was a new beginning. This time however, it felt easy and there was less nervousness and anticipation, talking to you didn’t feel weird, yet somehow there was a sliver always stuck somewhere deep inside me. That fateful tenth day of June,  has been the best till date.  That’s the day I look back to, for that’s the day I realized I couldn’t trust you, yet somehow I had fallen for you.


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