Blue, Blue facebook!!

It’s a fact that sometimes the country’s most intelligent people ask trick questions especially while interviewing candidates for the most lucrative and sought after job in the country, and one of the questions that somebody told me had been asked in the process was, “Why is the color of Facebook blue?”
Any normal person would just laugh and ridicule the whole question but there is actually an analysis to be done behind it, for such questions test a candidate’ not only general awareness but also quick thinking skills. We had a long discussion on this topic and after some 40 minutes the conclusion we reached to are being mentioned below:
It is supposed to be a stress buster and the color is associated with light, stress free environment.
Secondly, it is quite plausible that the owner Mr. Mark Zuckerberg had his preferences for the color
Thirdly, the color resembles the color of the sky, hence symbolizing infiniteness

Later, that day the question still kept on bothering me and so i ‘Googled’ it.. Turns out the facebook founder is red green color blind and the color blue is best visible to him. Now, maybe this is the answer the interviewers were looking for, when they asked a question about such a non-emphasized on detail.
The aim of this post was not to bore anyone but rather to emphasize on the importance of observing even the smallest things in the world, because as they say, Anything under the sun can be asked in this kind of an exam.



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