Hey guys, so today I was going through some of my old notes and I found this presentation, now it contains the basics about the movement in a very pin pointed manner, it shall give you all the points that need to be read about the movement. It will be of great help for people preparing for civil services, students of history as well as anyone who is even remotely interested in knowing the details about one of the most historic movements in the country. And the reason for this sudden love for history is the fact that today 9 August marks the day which was decided to be the day when the QIM was to be launched in 1942.

P.S.  In case you like it, please leave your valuable feedback here.

**For the full presentation click (quit-india-movement)**



    • First and foremost I am sorry Harsha for replying so late. Secondly, in a way you are right, the country sure does need some strong measures today for if the things continue the way they are, then we head towards a bleak future which’d see not one but many mutinies. Its high time to take serious note of the situation to prevent any future repercussions.


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