Yes, I am a woman!

Scary September has begun and this time a month sooner. It has become a ‘tradition’ apparently in the family from the past 2 years  wherein everyone , yes i mean EVERYONE, right from parents to siblings to cousins to aunts & uncles either fall ill, or hurt themselves severely and the best part is they do it doing things they would have at any other day in the other 11 months. Another striking feature about this month is that apparently, I have managed to survive it all without any severe injuries or illness *touchwood* not to mention my ‘finger’ chopping extravaganzas. Last time, it saw us stuck off and on at the hospital for some 2 months, this time it has already made us visit the pharmacy  a dozen of times, so much so that today the kind cashier there offered me a membership (something which she didn’t with all the other customers there, and YES, I observed this!). 

So, during all this time of my magic survival and fulfilling duties as a daughter, a sister, a niece, and so much more, I learnt it the hard way that I am a FEMALE! People stare and comment when they see me juggling 2 huge bags of supplies and medicines and instead of lending a helping hand have a good laugh when a packet bursts and something falls out, majorly its my fellow countrymen who do this. Just the other day I was half running half walking with both my hands full when the phone rang, anticipating it to be an important call, hanging the packets in delicate balance on my hand, I managed to look at my phone, just when one of the packet burst. All my fellow countrymen, who sing patriotic songs and do what not just stood there stealing amused glances while a gentleman, who certainly wasn’t Indian bent down to help. The other instance happened just today, when I had to take my sister to the clinic to get the wounds (she sustained from falling off a bus) dresses. There is usually a huge jam near the market , so I decided to park the car a few meters away, and the entire distance that we covered on foot, there were eyes all over us, the reason for which I still fail to understand. 

Another thing, that happens quite frequently is when I drive, its always like people especially ‘male’ drivers are deliberately trying to cross ways. They honk, stare, comment etc. etc. . Yes, I am the eldest in the family and yes, i have responsibilities. Had there been a guy in my place, he would have just told them where to go and stick it! I fail to understand is the fact that how and why exactly do men fail to understand that why exactly is it wrong to do things a women loves and likes. My brother likes helping out in the kitchen and I like helping out with the errands, that ain’t wrong. He is young and can’t drive, I am the eldest and I can, then why can’t i just do my work without being stared at or commented on.

I am an Equal, I am a woman! I can do everything men are capable of, maybe even more, but I certainly don’t make my decisions based on only lower half of my body parts. I think with my mind. Its high time , this essential ‘activity’ is taught to men, right from their childhood so that they don’t grow up to believe that they are superior in any regard. Men and Women are only anatomically different, they still are TWO OF A KIND! 


P.S. The incidents mentioned above are only a few of the many many that happen each moment around the globe with the fairer sex.


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