If Only..

We are all stuck on If Only, If only a parent were alive, if only I studied hard, If only everything turned out the way I wanted it to be.. savoring the refuge to the iota world, we seem to forget the real world that exists, the fact that our remorse if of no value in the real world out there. It is an irony that these simple words ‘If Only’ make us do so much we’d never ever have wanted to ourselves, forcing our kids to do what we failed at, taking out that burning ball of helplessness and frustration on anyone and everybody we meet.

I too belong to that realm only wherein I wish that If Only certain things had been some other way and not so screwed up, there are days when i wish life was simpler, there are days that hold me strong & happy with everything and then there are days which make me feel weak as if I’d fall down that very moment, as if there is nothing in my life that can be controlled.

Best way to skip all the above mentioned thoughts,”DON’T OVER THINK, ELSE YOU MAKE CREATE A PROBLEM THAT EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.”

And just when you realize that and look around to a full family, a job, a career, friends who love you, that someone special you’ll feel a feeling that’s oddly satisfying, a feeling that makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. A feeling so strong, it takes all the If only’s away.. This feeling of true bliss, of being blessed. This is the feeling we have always wanted to have and the true way to it is being truly aware of what we have and being satisfied with it.

#Feelingblessed 🙂


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