Hey people, Its been what 4 – 5 months since I wrote last and this lull has not been the time wherein drafts have taken up a huge chunk of memory on my devices. Its just been a huge lull , with everything yet nothing..

As young adults we seem to take our lives way too easy. We are high on adrenaline and we take important decisions in the blink of an eye. The decision to fall in love maybe to fall out of it, the decision to work and the  herculean decision of getting out of it simply because you fail to place yourself there in that scenario 10 years down the line. These snapy hasty decisions sometimes have the capacity of knocking over everything that you might have earned till date. I took a similar decision in the past and not that I regret it, but the fact that I know that to get back what I abandoned now would take a herculean effort and lots and lots of motivation. This is my Final Chance to do something that I really want to and not because I want to prove it to the world that I am the best but only because I want to prove it to myself that I am capable of much much more than what I already possess and also to prove to some people that what they did by belittling me or my efforts made me more stronger and made me work harder.

I want to make it one of those times when waiting for the result I am dead sure that there is nothing in the world which can stop me from qualifying. I almost gave up writing for that or maybe I was too scared to actually face what I decided for myself. Maybe,  Might be…

Maybe, life gets better, maybe I’ll have to return to what I didn’t want to do in the first place but one thing is for sure this time, I wont give up without giving in everything that I have.

P.S. What has been written probably has no meaning for the ones who are going to read it but its just one of those things that we cant say out loud but still have that burning desire of sharing with anyone and everyone.

Signing Off

Take Care Guys!!



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