Could we have saved them?

The past 2 months have been all about the race to 72 RCR, with politicians pulling each others legs and “revealing” blasts from the past of the opposition leaders.. This exercise is mentally taxing especially for the general public who has to witness the allegatoons and counter allegations at a daily level and are just forced to abandon the belief of a “Good Leadership” for the country which everyone knows has all the resources to be a superpower.

Back in school, our chairperson made us pledge at every possible occasion that we’ll do anything and everything to make India a superpower by 2030. It is some 6 years later and I still dont see that happening. India shining is a dream and we as the youth of the country have been waiting for a leadership that respects the rights of the fairer sex and maybe favour them a little bit more to make up for the centuries of exploitation that this group has witnessed.

Elections come and go but security of women has long been only an issue on the election manifestos. No concrete steps have been taken for actually improving the plight of women in the country whose sufferings begin even before they are born.  How can we all forget that it was a woman who took all the pain and courage to bring us to this planet, that it was that one women who woke with us in those hours of study till midnight, that women who runs after us to eat breakfast when we leave home in hurry , that one women who after doing all this still somehow manages to reach workplace on time and excel there as well.

Our father of nation, Mahatama Gandhi famously quoted that “No nation can progress by neglecting its women”. The famous French Revolution which triggered a series of revolution in the entire world also failed because it failed to bestow equal rights upon its women.

Yet its heartbreaking to read that women are still being denied basic facilities such as hygienic washrooms which often leads to them being raped, kidnapped and subject to all kinds of evils. On the top of it , The crimes that happen last only a few hours but the horrendous after effects especially in the form of “press releases” by our emminent politicians shatter the small beacon of hope for justice possessed by the victim and her parents. And I need not cite examples here for everyone knows what I ask exactly referring to.

As I have already cited earlier I am not a feminist but I do want just and equal rights for 50% of the population which has since long been denied even basic hygienic facilities like toilets.  Its a breach of the honorable constitution of India to not treat this section of society with the same dignity that the other half enjoys. Lest all the parents start wishing for boys leading to a steep decrease in the sex ratio leading to the female gender becoming extinct.

Signing off
Take care guys!!

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