The Most Dangerous Battle..

What goes on in the human mind is mysterious.  Till date, I have not been able to understand it neither have I achieved success to understand the human heart. The aortic pump though is the most important organ of the human  body but does it have a voice,  is it true when we get an intuition to not do something and we believe our heart os implying that we dont actually want to do something.  The head and the heart, the most complex organs to understand especially because I am not a doctor, then at least I would’ve understood its mechanical working.
So, the question of the hour is what do u do when the ensuing battle between the heart and the mind becomes too much for u to handle, when all u want to do is shout and say shut up, when u want to open up to someone but all u find around is darkness. 
Of all the battles that’ve happened including both the World Wars, the most dangerous is the one going on between the head and the heart because no matter what happens, the causality would be the innocent living being who houses these two.

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