As 2014 nears an end, I thought this was a great time to say Thanks to this year. 2014 has been probably the most eventful year of my life, for so many reasons, that I can’t even count.

The major reason for this is a person, one person who has been my best friend, who has listened to all the stupid things I have, a person who has given me all the time I wanted; without ever complaining even for one second. How I am related to that person is insignificant, the only thing that matters is that that person has been there on the darkest nights and throughout the darkest year of my life. For this, and for all the innumerable “jokes” , I am grateful. Because of them , this year has been great!

2014 marked my moving back home after spending almost 5 years in the hostel. Mom’s love; my cute little , irritating yet adorable siblings , Grandma’s Love and so much more; Thank You 2014 for this.

The year was a year of travel for me, I journeyed from Trivandrum to Delhi to Tripura to Mizoram to Assam and finally back home. I love to travel, Thank you 2014, for fulfilling this wish of infinite travel.

I had the best birthday this year with a group of friends after such a long time , and the huge element of surprise left me (well) teary eyed, YES.

This year I finally got the strength to quit the mainstream line and go after something I actually want in life. I quit my job to take exams, because, I want to study before I am ready to put my life in the 9 to 5 shoes. Thanks 2014 for bestowing me with this strength.

And last but most important, Thanks a lot 2014 for teaching me how to stand my ground despite number of failures. This year taught me how to move on when all your dreams get shattered and you are left with nothing but frustration and loneliness.  Thank you 2014 for teaching me how to deal with failures and how to get up and face yourself the next morning.

All in all, 2014 has been the most eventful yet sinfully boring year of my life. Confused???

Well, stay tuned for more folks..

Signing Off

P.S. What was your 2014 like? Write to someoneincrowd@gmail.com and make your memoirs a part of the Crowd!



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