All for a Day..?

rose-scraps-74I am a 90s kid and I have seen the original Cartoon Network. Also, I’ve seen the time when internet did not form the basis of communication in a relation. All in all, I was born in a simpler, much simpler time when people were people centric and not electromagnetically attracted to their mobiles and laptops.

Back then, there was no elaborate Fathers Day, Mothers Day and Valentines Day per se. It was the time when every morning we woke to the sweet voice of our moms, when there was a single Onida TV in households and when we went shopping for Chips once a week with our fathers. In the absence of all these Days, love survived, and it was manifolds more than what we experience today. I do not believe in celebrating Friendship Day, because I believe that friends are friends for life. We don’t need a time or day to show that off to our huge FB “friend” list.

The major reason we celebrate all these “Days” now is to showcase our love for our parents, for our grandparents, friends and our significant other. I believe that if we love someone, we love them unconditionally, through good and bad. We love them when they look the worst and also when they spill mango pulp all over their clothes in the summer. We love them when they are sweaty , when they are drenched in rain or maybe when they make a really bad tasting meal for us, all out of love. Love doesn’t need a timeline or a reason. Love is an eternal feeling that fills you with confidence and positivity. Love doesn’t require a definition. It an immortal feeling. Love never ceases to be.

In this age of Internet, all I can conclude about all these”Days” is the opportunity to show off to the world about your ability to plan parties. With no offences to anyone, with this post, I strongly want to oppose the “Days” and stand for LIFE.

To test the number of my actual friends, this year, I deactivated  my FB account , only to realize that there are only a handful of people who actually care and acknowledge the fact that I was born. And trust me, that revelation is super satisfying, to know that you have some people who would stand by you even when you are invisible online is super satisfying.

I urge all my readers to try the above and convert all their efforts they would do on that “Day” into Life and all your relations shall change magically. Trust me guys, our parents only need our time and not a Huge cake which would adorn their social networks. All your friends ever want is a gossiping session over Pizza. If we do what we do on Valentines Day, everyday, trust me , your significant other would be much more happier.

All anybody needs is your Time. That’s the most precious thing you an gift anybody.


Ultimately its our choice whether we want a Day or Life ..!!

Signing Off

Good Night Folks!


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