Lost in the Rat Race

Sometimes in the obscurity of hopelessness and doom … We manage to find a spark within us….A spark that is enough to bring us back to life … A tiny sliver of which motivates us to try again… And if all that fails, then we just become some random face in the crowd.

It is the fear of losing ourselves, the original I, Me, Myself to the rat race that is compelling people nowadays to look sideways from the corporate life. An ever increasing number of workforce is willing to freelance even if that means cutting down on some luxuries for a while. They are ready to sacrifice all this not for the comfort of lying in their respective beds till late, but only to carve out a niche identity for themselves and to ensure that they lose their own original version of self in the process. For the most important thing at the end of the day is not a six figure salary but to be able to connect to yourselves in a true manner. It is my personal belief that if after a day of hardwork, you can still smile and do the same work repeatedly without any grudges, then that’s the way to go folks. After all, who wants to risk dying as a Part of the crowd.. Well, that wouldn’t make the inscription on the tombstone interesting at all.


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