Change is in the Air

Change is inevitable but then again is it necessary?

To leave the comfort of home and enter a hostel all because u dream high, All because u belong to the realm of those people who want nothing but the best. Maybe its imperative to struggle a bit for things in life. Maybe its only then that we realize the true worth of things.

I quit my job last year and this past one year has been a roller coaster ride with numerous failures. Some set me back in their own unique ways, they motivated me to try harder, to burn the midnight oil. I tried every trick in the book and after exhausting 8 months of failures, came an email which renewed my faith in Me and trust me when I say this, that’s the most important kind of faith that is needed for God can only help those who help themselves. I got all the B schools, I interviewed for and that was the moment I realized that success maybe delayed but it eventually makes its way.

About the change, its going to be hard going back to the kind of life where there is no sense of time only innumerable assignments and work but at the same time, its going to be exciting. I hope to remain positive all through these two years. And I hope that I will get the best in the end.

Success is not in earning a big fat salary slip, Rather it dwells where your heart lies.

Its these little changes that one day pave the path for a grand success. Someone once remarked that Change and Success are a lethal combination, need to done drastically and slowly at the same time.

P.s. If you are also going through some life altering changes, ping me at Maybe we can devise ways to overcome the cold feet!


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