The Unfriended Friend

So i have this friend, whom I actually value a lot. And i have done that for the past 5 years. But somehow that person always manages to find ways to hurt me. 5 years back she did the same and now college over and job started still she remains the same.

I am not lethally attracted to that person, in fact now I hardly care about her whereabouts and the fact that she used me over all these years. Today though was the last straw. She hurt the person who means the world to me and instead of apologizing she boasts of her triumphs on FB, the social networking site.

This time, hence, my dear please never show me your face again for I dont know what i might do then. This time its Good bye, U dont deserve me, I am far too good for u.

Carry on ur irritating existence somewhere far away from me.



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