Later is the Word

Hey Folks!!

So I’ve been away for a rather long this time even though I’ve spent numerous hours with my laptop. Well, of all the things that MBA gives you, the worst it does is take away Time. Trust me when I say this, almost 100% of my peers face the same problem. Some don’t get the opportunity to visit their family for birthdays and anniversaries while others end up heart broken merely because they fail to devote the requisite time needed to their Someone Special.

Pertaining this situation the only thing and word we are left with is “Later”. But does Later really able to convey the same feelings as “Now”. With friends, with parents, with everyone isn’t later a revelation of shift in priorities. Personally, I  have always believed that Later is no option and that everything that has to happen has to happen now.

Unlike in the past, this post is dedicated to someone but I sincerely hope that that someone has the ability to decode the same because frankly, I dont have the courage to say all this out loud. However, I dont fear that person, just that somethings in life should be understood and not said. Howsoever oxymoronish this sounds, some part of me believes that this shall come true.


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