Being Grey!

I have always loved watching Grey’s Anatomy and somewhere I believe that I as a person resonate so much with the protagonist Meredith. We all have our greys, blacks and whites. For those of you who have watched the series, u know that for every Grey Mer had she had her person, Yang by her side. For me, the past few days have been Grey and i am still on the lookout for my person.

Sure there are people around, sure they are there in my blacks and whites, but what about my greys, who will support me when i encounter grey’s. And believe you me, its that time of the day, week, month and year when we need someone to absorb all that grey from our lives, for it is only through the mutual support of fellow human beings that we can continue to strive on this planet, people call Earth.

The indian counterparts of these Western series dramatize life way too much, for them there is only Blacks or Whites all around. Maybe, this is just another unending search for Eternal Bliss!


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