Hi world, Welcome 🙂 🙂

Writing has been my hobby for like always and in the past few years i have developed almost an addiction for sharing everything I know or feel with people. 

An Engineer by profession, I first created this blog for a college event, but soon found permanent refuge behind the screen of my laptop sharing things with people from around the globe.

As for me, I can say that I belong to the realm of those shy, introvert bookworms whose entire world revolves around gauging their eyes at some sorta print media. And quite frankly, I am proud of it in a weird way.

I love books and my favorite authors are Dan Brown, Amish Tripathi, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Jeffrey Deaver, Mario Puzo, Ravinder Singh and so many more…

I have fallen in love with photography recently and hence are all the photos available, although some have been borrowed from the master search engine as well.

This blog isn’t meant to offend anyone or ridicule any person, place or thought. It is just a place where we can interact freely about whatever we see and feel in our everyday life. 

P.S. Any suggestion for the improvement of this blog is more than welcome. Feel free to contact me any-time.


Just A Face In The Crowd



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