A Random Saturday!

I hate Saturdays, they remind me too much of home! On a random Saturday morning of yet another weekend where i couldn’t afford to leave Hostel sweet Hostel for the comfort of home, i decided to sit and write. As i pen this down, i have no clue what i am writing, just hitting the alphabets as they are being processed by the brain. Maybe something is amiss, i have learnt to avoid the only one thing that made me, well ME. This is the third resumption to this article that happened due to numerous reasons.

In this fast paced life when time moves ahead at a breakneck speed, i somehow seem to be falling behind with  all my baggage dwindling around!


Another year, A million memories, A trillion lessons learnt

As i sit to write after a long, long time my room is dimly lit, with some memories in my eyes and some dreams in this life, i start to fathom all the above.

2015 has been another long, long year not only because it had the Maximum weekends as some newsreport claimed, but because today i cant even remember how it looked like in the beginning.

As i close my eyes to recall the year, the most dominating memories are of happiness of finally being able to make it to a bschool, of being able to travel relentlessly,  of having made great friends, of having done all that i always wished for.. 2015 was a great year, it gave me love, laughter, friends, life, education, an internship and every materialistic thing i could’ve asked for..

At the same time, it took away from me a friend, a person who carried a piece of my existence, a friend in times of need and a best friend otherwise. Yes, i do regret the loss.. But can i blame it on anyone, or myself for having become too vulnerable to things or should i just shrug it off saying that change is imminent and change is like Life’s middle name.

All set and done, i am happy with whatever i have at this precise moment and with this, i would like to wish each and everyone a very very Happy New Year..

The Unfriended Friend

So i have this friend, whom I actually value a lot. And i have done that for the past 5 years. But somehow that person always manages to find ways to hurt me. 5 years back she did the same and now college over and job started still she remains the same.

I am not lethally attracted to that person, in fact now I hardly care about her whereabouts and the fact that she used me over all these years. Today though was the last straw. She hurt the person who means the world to me and instead of apologizing she boasts of her triumphs on FB, the social networking site.

This time, hence, my dear please never show me your face again for I dont know what i might do then. This time its Good bye, U dont deserve me, I am far too good for u.

Carry on ur irritating existence somewhere far away from me.


Late Night Post

It is almost 4 am and I can’t sleep. Less than 17 hours ago there was an Earthquake of intensity 7.8 on the Richter scale that struck Nepal and caused devastation there. It was 11.41 am when I felt that my bed was shaking. Having woken up to a typical  late night late morning weekend nap, it was difficult for me to comprehend the situation and it was only when my grandmother called from the other room, that I realized something was seriously wrong. Gathering my Little brother and her. we tried to rush out only to realize that the calamity had passed.

It was 20 minutes later when I felt the kitchen floor shaking again. Losing no time in the midst I has prepared a safety kit of sorts and made her wear all the necessary support equipments, this time we reached the main gate only to realize that the calamity had passed.

It was then that I called all my loved ones and enquired about their well-being. They responded in affirmative.

At the same time some thousand miles away, there was a place which I had visited some years back and had fallen in love with fell prey to the ultimate destiny. I didn’t lose someone close yet I have had this plaguing fear all day. What about the 1800 people who lost their families. It is almost impossible to believe that the same creator who is our father governs such destruction also.

There was a huge alert issued for us and I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or precisely the very next moment. But yes today I found a new-found respect for life. Maybe it was our creator who has given us another chance to enjoy life without the worldly vices and advises.

And  that’s what is precisely I am going to do.

To tell everyone I know that I love them. And to the ones I hurt, I am sorry.

We could have been them,it is not our luck rather the creator’s will that we were not. That he considered us worthy of a second chance. And for that and so many other things I thank him.

All for a Day..?

rose-scraps-74I am a 90s kid and I have seen the original Cartoon Network. Also, I’ve seen the time when internet did not form the basis of communication in a relation. All in all, I was born in a simpler, much simpler time when people were people centric and not electromagnetically attracted to their mobiles and laptops.

Back then, there was no elaborate Fathers Day, Mothers Day and Valentines Day per se. It was the time when every morning we woke to the sweet voice of our moms, when there was a single Onida TV in households and when we went shopping for Chips once a week with our fathers. In the absence of all these Days, love survived, and it was manifolds more than what we experience today. I do not believe in celebrating Friendship Day, because I believe that friends are friends for life. We don’t need a time or day to show that off to our huge FB “friend” list.

The major reason we celebrate all these “Days” now is to showcase our love for our parents, for our grandparents, friends and our significant other. I believe that if we love someone, we love them unconditionally, through good and bad. We love them when they look the worst and also when they spill mango pulp all over their clothes in the summer. We love them when they are sweaty , when they are drenched in rain or maybe when they make a really bad tasting meal for us, all out of love. Love doesn’t need a timeline or a reason. Love is an eternal feeling that fills you with confidence and positivity. Love doesn’t require a definition. It an immortal feeling. Love never ceases to be.

In this age of Internet, all I can conclude about all these”Days” is the opportunity to show off to the world about your ability to plan parties. With no offences to anyone, with this post, I strongly want to oppose the “Days” and stand for LIFE.

To test the number of my actual friends, this year, I deactivated  my FB account , only to realize that there are only a handful of people who actually care and acknowledge the fact that I was born. And trust me, that revelation is super satisfying, to know that you have some people who would stand by you even when you are invisible online is super satisfying.

I urge all my readers to try the above and convert all their efforts they would do on that “Day” into Life and all your relations shall change magically. Trust me guys, our parents only need our time and not a Huge cake which would adorn their social networks. All your friends ever want is a gossiping session over Pizza. If we do what we do on Valentines Day, everyday, trust me , your significant other would be much more happier.

All anybody needs is your Time. That’s the most precious thing you an gift anybody.


Ultimately its our choice whether we want a Day or Life ..!!

Signing Off

Good Night Folks!


Today was just another day till I saw this video. Folks, we have so many things in us which we feel but never confess about especially the fact that we love our parents so much, but never tell them. After everything they’ve been through and everything they’ve done for us, all they look for is Love, all they ever want to hear from us are those 3 magical words.

I am quite sure that this video would leave all of you teary eyed and all you’d want to do is run to your parents and lie in their lap and tell them that u really love them. Money can never bring back parents, so shut down that laptop and switch on spending time with your parents.

As for me, I love U Mom, I Love u Papa. There is and will never be anything more important than you guys in my life.



As 2014 nears an end, I thought this was a great time to say Thanks to this year. 2014 has been probably the most eventful year of my life, for so many reasons, that I can’t even count.

The major reason for this is a person, one person who has been my best friend, who has listened to all the stupid things I have, a person who has given me all the time I wanted; without ever complaining even for one second. How I am related to that person is insignificant, the only thing that matters is that that person has been there on the darkest nights and throughout the darkest year of my life. For this, and for all the innumerable “jokes” , I am grateful. Because of them , this year has been great!

2014 marked my moving back home after spending almost 5 years in the hostel. Mom’s love; my cute little , irritating yet adorable siblings , Grandma’s Love and so much more; Thank You 2014 for this.

The year was a year of travel for me, I journeyed from Trivandrum to Delhi to Tripura to Mizoram to Assam and finally back home. I love to travel, Thank you 2014, for fulfilling this wish of infinite travel.

I had the best birthday this year with a group of friends after such a long time , and the huge element of surprise left me (well) teary eyed, YES.

This year I finally got the strength to quit the mainstream line and go after something I actually want in life. I quit my job to take exams, because, I want to study before I am ready to put my life in the 9 to 5 shoes. Thanks 2014 for bestowing me with this strength.

And last but most important, Thanks a lot 2014 for teaching me how to stand my ground despite number of failures. This year taught me how to move on when all your dreams get shattered and you are left with nothing but frustration and loneliness.  Thank you 2014 for teaching me how to deal with failures and how to get up and face yourself the next morning.

All in all, 2014 has been the most eventful yet sinfully boring year of my life. Confused???

Well, stay tuned for more folks..

Signing Off

P.S. What was your 2014 like? Write to someoneincrowd@gmail.com and make your memoirs a part of the Crowd!


Confused Skepticism

432031_487994667896620_1712006328_nEver since childhood there was this one and only one thing that my parents always bugged me about , Studies. Exams, Career always seemed to be the topic of discussion in our house , even when relatives were visiting, all they used to continue blabbering about was how much or how less their respective kids study.  I was one of the goody good students, always a rank holder in school, studied hard in college. And till the age of 21 I was clear about my priorities, but  the next year completely toppled my life, a lot of things changed especially my clarity about myself. I took a path less travelled by, the path only few of the fewest took, sitting and reading at hours for an end. All my friends and my phone became so distant that on the day of farewell from college, i practically felt I had absolutely no memories of college. Skeptical, I continued. Then came the first failure and then a job, a job that was good, mostly because I got a break from books after a long, long time. But then, that urge to finish something I had started, the guilt of having left something so wonderful in between made me quit and again grab those million books for hours at end. My friends, colleagues moved on to better jobs, to post graduation and so on and so forth. But I couldn’t, even after everything, there came another failure, which practically shattered my world. Still, without losing heart I had to continue for the sake of so many people who love me, hence I did. Now, even after almost 9 months of unemployment and I-don’t-know-how-many-books later, I somehow find myself all sluggish and tired, when instead a  person in my situation is supposed to be indefatigable.

But the bigger question that has been practically sprinting in my mind is, what is that I am good at? All these months seem to have robbed me of all the optimism I had and replaced it with pessimism and skepticism so much so that, when I received a much awaited interview for content writing in a startup, somehow I couldn’t bring myself to joy . This has been my dream for years, yet all these months seem to have killed the only thing I’ve ever been passionate about.

Signing Off..

P.S. If you are in a similar situation then please do write to me at someoneincrowd@gmail.com. And together, we’ll maybe open a club for the Confused Skeptics.

The Most Dangerous Battle..

What goes on in the human mind is mysterious.  Till date, I have not been able to understand it neither have I achieved success to understand the human heart. The aortic pump though is the most important organ of the human  body but does it have a voice,  is it true when we get an intuition to not do something and we believe our heart os implying that we dont actually want to do something.  The head and the heart, the most complex organs to understand especially because I am not a doctor, then at least I would’ve understood its mechanical working.
So, the question of the hour is what do u do when the ensuing battle between the heart and the mind becomes too much for u to handle, when all u want to do is shout and say shut up, when u want to open up to someone but all u find around is darkness. 
Of all the battles that’ve happened including both the World Wars, the most dangerous is the one going on between the head and the heart because no matter what happens, the causality would be the innocent living being who houses these two.

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Could we have saved them?

The past 2 months have been all about the race to 72 RCR, with politicians pulling each others legs and “revealing” blasts from the past of the opposition leaders.. This exercise is mentally taxing especially for the general public who has to witness the allegatoons and counter allegations at a daily level and are just forced to abandon the belief of a “Good Leadership” for the country which everyone knows has all the resources to be a superpower.

Back in school, our chairperson made us pledge at every possible occasion that we’ll do anything and everything to make India a superpower by 2030. It is some 6 years later and I still dont see that happening. India shining is a dream and we as the youth of the country have been waiting for a leadership that respects the rights of the fairer sex and maybe favour them a little bit more to make up for the centuries of exploitation that this group has witnessed.

Elections come and go but security of women has long been only an issue on the election manifestos. No concrete steps have been taken for actually improving the plight of women in the country whose sufferings begin even before they are born.  How can we all forget that it was a woman who took all the pain and courage to bring us to this planet, that it was that one women who woke with us in those hours of study till midnight, that women who runs after us to eat breakfast when we leave home in hurry , that one women who after doing all this still somehow manages to reach workplace on time and excel there as well.

Our father of nation, Mahatama Gandhi famously quoted that “No nation can progress by neglecting its women”. The famous French Revolution which triggered a series of revolution in the entire world also failed because it failed to bestow equal rights upon its women.

Yet its heartbreaking to read that women are still being denied basic facilities such as hygienic washrooms which often leads to them being raped, kidnapped and subject to all kinds of evils. On the top of it , The crimes that happen last only a few hours but the horrendous after effects especially in the form of “press releases” by our emminent politicians shatter the small beacon of hope for justice possessed by the victim and her parents. And I need not cite examples here for everyone knows what I ask exactly referring to.

As I have already cited earlier I am not a feminist but I do want just and equal rights for 50% of the population which has since long been denied even basic hygienic facilities like toilets.  Its a breach of the honorable constitution of India to not treat this section of society with the same dignity that the other half enjoys. Lest all the parents start wishing for boys leading to a steep decrease in the sex ratio leading to the female gender becoming extinct.

Signing off
Take care guys!!

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