Later is the Word

Hey Folks!!

So I’ve been away for a rather long this time even though I’ve spent numerous hours with my laptop. Well, of all the things that MBA gives you, the worst it does is take away Time. Trust me when I say this, almost 100% of my peers face the same problem. Some don’t get the opportunity to visit their family for birthdays and anniversaries while others end up heart broken merely because they fail to devote the requisite time needed to their Someone Special.

Pertaining this situation the only thing and word we are left with is “Later”. But does Later really able to convey the same feelings as “Now”. With friends, with parents, with everyone isn’t later a revelation of shift in priorities. Personally, I  have always believed that Later is no option and that everything that has to happen has to happen now.

Unlike in the past, this post is dedicated to someone but I sincerely hope that that someone has the ability to decode the same because frankly, I dont have the courage to say all this out loud. However, I dont fear that person, just that somethings in life should be understood and not said. Howsoever oxymoronish this sounds, some part of me believes that this shall come true.


A day like no other

A day like no other
Yet so similar.

Everything, hidden behind a bomb of smoke
Some peace, some solace and hope.

Compliments, dresses and makeup later
Its the same place where i write this letter.

Amidst all the bustle, its only your face I ponder
In all the hustle, to listen to your heartbeat is all I wanted!

Random Thoughts..!!

Somewhere in the obscurity

yet there is a surety

I hide in the glory

that tomorrow maybe.

Suited Up

and thousands of pictures later,

friends or acquaintances, we still ponder.

Hoping tomorrow would be better

Hoping tomorrow would be glorious.

With this belief I stand again

With this belief I rise again

With this belief i live this game..!

I fail to Understand..

I sit here, trying to write.

Yet its only U who occupies my mind.

Aortic Pump searching for U.

Even though I just kept the phone down on U.

Why is it, I fail to understand.

What is it, i fail to understand.

Reading old letters and revisiting the pics.

There’s a small tear escaping the slick.

Eyelids hiding the overwhelming eyes.

Why is it, I fail to Understand.

What is it, I fail to Understand.

Haven’t you been gone for long now.

Haven’t u given me a life anew.

Weren’t u the one to warrant the change.

Weren’t u the one to rein the change.

Yet why do I grieve, I fail to Understand.

Yet why do I believe, I fail to Understand.

Marital Rape : A Mistake of the Mindsets

Newspapers in the past couple of days have been focusing on the sanctity of the institution of marriage mainly pertaining to the increase in the incidents of marital rape. However, these incidents come in the form of the survey results by the National Family Health Survey conducted back in 2005-06 than in the actual number of complaints filed with the Police department.

The Indian Penal Code defines rape and consent as  “Sexual Intercourse by a man with his own wife, the wife not being under 15 years, is not Rape.” However, the statistics by NFHS reveal that over 1 in 12 women fall victims to this phenomenon and a majority of them feel that it wasn’t a crime and that this was legal for their life partners to beat or force them. Thus, making Marital Rape legal in the world’s largest democracy, depriving about half of the population a Life of dignity as warranted by the Article 21 of the honorable Constitution Of India.

However, I differ for each wedding comes with a set of vows irrespective of the faith that the couple may follow. And these vows award  sanctity to this institution. However, it vouches for equal rights for both the partners and clearly doesn’t warrant for domination over the fairer sex. It is clearly a war of not the laws or the absence of it but the prevalence of a mindset which treats women as a liability.

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the pioneer of the Indian Constitution famously remarked at a rally in 1943 that Rights are protected not by law but by social and moral conscience of the society. He added that if a community were to oppose Fundamental Rights, no Law, Parliament or Judiciary could award the same. His words clearly point out the mistake that is being committed.

It is time to change the mindsets, to understand that the fairer sex is equal if not more in every respect and that the institution of marriage should be maintained sacredly. Had women been weak, they wouldn’t have left all the familiarities behind to become a part of someone’s life. Had they been liable, they won’t have manged the workplace and homes simultaneously.

It is only when initiative to change mindset at individual levels are taken that the people and NGO’s can demand for criminalizing Marital Rape. It is a battle of the mindsets and it is high time the obsolete one is made obscure.

The Infamous Land Act

Ever since the inception of the Land Acquisition Bill in India, I have been following news reports and blogs about the same. Mainly because, this bill is a classic battle between the autocratic corporate sector and the farmers who have helped sustain the Indian economy for so long.

India is an agrarian country and farming and farmers form the backbone of this economy. Then why is that each time there is something that needs to be done for them, we find that the government obscures harsh measures in the name of development. The Land Act has been amended so many times, yet the final draft fails to impress the masses.

Not only the general public but it is the collective observation of all the think tanks that it threatens to disturb the delicate farming balance in the country, post which it will be hard to sustain the huge population and we will once gain return to the 1960’s with famines threatening the sustenance of homo sapiens in the country.

As for me, going through the bare document of the original act which was proposed way back in 2014, the best part was the clause of Social Impact Assessment. That would have made sure that a realistic analysis of the impact of this so called “development” be conducted on an yearly basis. The doing away with this clause by the present government puzzles me, for their basic motto during elections was rolling out “Acche Din” for the common masses. This was something that had been found missing in the dynastical political setup in a democracy.  Moreover, this step is being taken in the form of an ordinance for the third time. Even more so the worst part is that it is being rolled out without securing the necessary support from the Opposition.

In a democratic setup like India the main reason for pioneering the clause of Opposition was to maintain a healthy check on the ruling government for we live in a country which champions in diversity. It still needs to be seen as to why the present government is neglecting this most important cogwheel in the democratic functioning.

As for me, I am a city dweller and the encroachment of farmland by corporates will not affect me directly. However, we all belong to the human race and have the basic necessity of food to sustain, which is certainly going to get affected and hence this bill affects each and everyone in the country. Besides, The last time such a huge step was taken was back in the year 2013-2014 when the Food Safety Ordinance was promulgated. However, in absence of proper infrastructural support and well thought of implementation, it is lying in the rots till now.

I am only a concerned tax payer who wants to make sure that the public money is put to good use and not wasted in this majoritarian political measures. Its high time the “Mango People” raise their voices for its a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and We are the People.

The Unfriended Friend

So i have this friend, whom I actually value a lot. And i have done that for the past 5 years. But somehow that person always manages to find ways to hurt me. 5 years back she did the same and now college over and job started still she remains the same.

I am not lethally attracted to that person, in fact now I hardly care about her whereabouts and the fact that she used me over all these years. Today though was the last straw. She hurt the person who means the world to me and instead of apologizing she boasts of her triumphs on FB, the social networking site.

This time, hence, my dear please never show me your face again for I dont know what i might do then. This time its Good bye, U dont deserve me, I am far too good for u.

Carry on ur irritating existence somewhere far away from me.


Change is in the Air

Change is inevitable but then again is it necessary?

To leave the comfort of home and enter a hostel all because u dream high, All because u belong to the realm of those people who want nothing but the best. Maybe its imperative to struggle a bit for things in life. Maybe its only then that we realize the true worth of things.

I quit my job last year and this past one year has been a roller coaster ride with numerous failures. Some set me back in their own unique ways, they motivated me to try harder, to burn the midnight oil. I tried every trick in the book and after exhausting 8 months of failures, came an email which renewed my faith in Me and trust me when I say this, that’s the most important kind of faith that is needed for God can only help those who help themselves. I got all the B schools, I interviewed for and that was the moment I realized that success maybe delayed but it eventually makes its way.

About the change, its going to be hard going back to the kind of life where there is no sense of time only innumerable assignments and work but at the same time, its going to be exciting. I hope to remain positive all through these two years. And I hope that I will get the best in the end.

Success is not in earning a big fat salary slip, Rather it dwells where your heart lies.

Its these little changes that one day pave the path for a grand success. Someone once remarked that Change and Success are a lethal combination, need to done drastically and slowly at the same time.

P.s. If you are also going through some life altering changes, ping me at Maybe we can devise ways to overcome the cold feet!

Late Night Post

It is almost 4 am and I can’t sleep. Less than 17 hours ago there was an Earthquake of intensity 7.8 on the Richter scale that struck Nepal and caused devastation there. It was 11.41 am when I felt that my bed was shaking. Having woken up to a typical  late night late morning weekend nap, it was difficult for me to comprehend the situation and it was only when my grandmother called from the other room, that I realized something was seriously wrong. Gathering my Little brother and her. we tried to rush out only to realize that the calamity had passed.

It was 20 minutes later when I felt the kitchen floor shaking again. Losing no time in the midst I has prepared a safety kit of sorts and made her wear all the necessary support equipments, this time we reached the main gate only to realize that the calamity had passed.

It was then that I called all my loved ones and enquired about their well-being. They responded in affirmative.

At the same time some thousand miles away, there was a place which I had visited some years back and had fallen in love with fell prey to the ultimate destiny. I didn’t lose someone close yet I have had this plaguing fear all day. What about the 1800 people who lost their families. It is almost impossible to believe that the same creator who is our father governs such destruction also.

There was a huge alert issued for us and I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or precisely the very next moment. But yes today I found a new-found respect for life. Maybe it was our creator who has given us another chance to enjoy life without the worldly vices and advises.

And  that’s what is precisely I am going to do.

To tell everyone I know that I love them. And to the ones I hurt, I am sorry.

We could have been them,it is not our luck rather the creator’s will that we were not. That he considered us worthy of a second chance. And for that and so many other things I thank him.

Lost in the Rat Race

Sometimes in the obscurity of hopelessness and doom … We manage to find a spark within us….A spark that is enough to bring us back to life … A tiny sliver of which motivates us to try again… And if all that fails, then we just become some random face in the crowd.

It is the fear of losing ourselves, the original I, Me, Myself to the rat race that is compelling people nowadays to look sideways from the corporate life. An ever increasing number of workforce is willing to freelance even if that means cutting down on some luxuries for a while. They are ready to sacrifice all this not for the comfort of lying in their respective beds till late, but only to carve out a niche identity for themselves and to ensure that they lose their own original version of self in the process. For the most important thing at the end of the day is not a six figure salary but to be able to connect to yourselves in a true manner. It is my personal belief that if after a day of hardwork, you can still smile and do the same work repeatedly without any grudges, then that’s the way to go folks. After all, who wants to risk dying as a Part of the crowd.. Well, that wouldn’t make the inscription on the tombstone interesting at all.